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Kota Hostels is a Registered Service Provider Which helps students to find the Best and Safe Accommodations Across Kota(Raj) We are group of many hostels,flate and pg which are register with us .we work as "more trust and less problem" philosophy. .we work as a mediator between students and property owner. we are provide many more services like hygeine food,one to one counseling,takecare,rebeat on elecrticity bill,free medical chek-up etc. Don't worry Your Child is Safe with us

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Healthy & Delicious Food

Experience the joy of healthy and delicious food that fuels both your body and mind.

Free Medical Checkup

We also care about the health of the students.If any student falls ill, we get the basic test done for them like Malaria, Dengue, Cbc etc. absolutely free.

One to One Counslling

We are provide one to one counselling to the
students so that they do not feel alone and also discuss the Student’s Academic Performance.

Minimum Maintenance Charges

Minimum maintenance charges usually cover the cost of basic amenities provided by the hostel.

Good Study Environment

We prioritize hostels that offer an ideal setting for focused and effective studying.

Complete Care Taking

We understand that a supportive and nurturing environment is essential for students to thrive academically and personally.We take full care of your Child as Parents.

Security Amount Refund / Adjust

Refunds are often processed through the same mode of payment used during the initial deposit.

One Month Free Electricity Upto 1000/-

The free electricity offer is generally applicable up to a specified amount, often capped at ₹1000/-.

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Explore a wide range of hostels with detailed listings that provide all the essential information you need.


Verified And Trustworthy

Ee prioritize your safety and comfort. Rest assured, all the hostels listed on our portal undergo a rigorous verification process.


Budget-Friendly Options

We understand the importance of managing expenses during your student life.

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